7 Reasons Of Bad Health In Men

If you read any men’s health articles either on the internet or in health magazines you will find that most of them have articles that portray the bad health of men. This may arise a question in your mind is everything bad in men’s health? It seems that men’s health is in crisis, which is said by many health experts. What bad habits do men have that their health is ina bad light? This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

We shall devote our time to understanding men’s main 7 reasons for bad health. There are several reasons but we have listed out the 7 reasons that are most relatable for a man. You need not be a medical expert to understand men’s health conditions worldwide. Just see the stats of most fast-food consumers, people prone to depression, heart attacks and intimate disorders. In all these categories men are leading the other gender by miles, so what more can you expect?

In fact, many men take medicines for basic biological functions like getting a proper erection.Cenforce 200mg and Vidalista 60 are some common medicines used to give men a better intimate life. This is really alarming when for even making love you need the help of medicine, that’s not the kind of life you want. Let’s check the 7 reasons on which we can work.


Smoking allows the entry of harmful gases like carbon monoxide (CO) intothe body. This can reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of RBCs which can make the person exhausted easily without much physical work. This is why sportspeople are far away from smoking. Besides metabolism, it has negative effects on breathing patterns, and intimate/love life.

Smoking affects the smoker and people living close to the person (friends and family). It may give you a pleasing sensation for a while but trust me it has no good effects on health.


Some people find alcoholic beverages as a way of releasing stress whereas another set of people looksat it as an addiction. Scientifically both of them are true, if you consume it in less quantity, you will enjoy a good sleep as blood pressure will reduce along with a stress reduction.

But men do not have the habit of taking drinks under the limit. They usually take excess due to which dizziness and lack of mis-coordinationoccur.

Dependence on pills

The tendency of men to take pills for every minor issue is a big mistake they commit. These habits often turn into an addiction and lead to health disorders that they never wish to anticipate. Pills are indeed effective but the possibility of side effects is always there. Hence, one must go for pills when only when taking pills is the only option left.

Excess fast-food intake

Oil-rich foods with overloaded cholesterol are referred to as fast food, but they are attractive in taste. In today’s times for a common man, it is impossible to completely give up on fast food, as we are surrounded by it. But we can surely put a check on its frequency of consumption. Have it one day a week or in a month, though it is still unhealthy rare instances are tolerable.

But what we see today is regular consumption of such food items, which are leading to obesity, and heart issues in the younger generation.

Damaged sleep cycle

For a healthy life, it is necessary to sleep properly and have a fixed schedule for it. Sleeping for fewer durations due to work or other reasons challenges the sleep cycle. If such instances get common, the sleep cycle tends to get hazy. Such a person may fall asleep at irregular times and may remain awake at night when actually it is time for a common man to sleep.

Shortage of sleep tends to have a negative effect on metabolic rate, ageing and intimate life. So, fix a schedule where you need not suppress your sleep.

Though it is not only observed in men take it to another level where it starts hurting them both physically and mentally. Your thinking may bring you to a situation where Vidalista 60may become a necessary item in your house. Read spiritual books, listen to melody music and have a positive attitude towards life.

Not adjusting

Though it is not true for all men if you generalize things, then other genders usually categorize men as someone who doesn’t adjust to things easily. They are prone to make choices that go against health. For instance, if the doctor tells an obese man to reduce fast food consumption with the aim of totally giving it up eventually. Still the next day you would see the man consuming the same food.

Whereas women tend to get stressed when their waist increase by just a fraction of inches.

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