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How To Use Kegel Weight Exercise Guideline

How To Properly Use Kegel Weight Exercise Guideline

Besides the others type of exercise kegel is one of the most familiar types of exercise nowadays to reduce or burn the fat and the weight. Both the man and woman can easily take the exercise to reduce their weight. This is the time of new era for being healthy and smart with the help of exercise getting from YouTube or any other websites. For woman who is experienced the pelvic disorders, kegel exercise is a must for that woman. It will be purely ineffective unless you do the kegel exercise daily for 80-100 times. It would be difficult to manage time for this thing in you busy daily life but you need to manage time if you want to see the improvement. Besides woman kegel is important for man as well. It helps man to increase the level of testosterone hormone which needed in every step of a man’s life.

How do Kegel weight work?

Kegel exercise is important to strengthen the pelvic floor of a woman which is made from muscles and one of the important bones of women. This pelvic floor muscles is vital because this provides support to the bladder, vaginal canal, uterus and also the rectum. It also helps a women to become pregnant. Kegel Exercise is the most effective exercise because here you can see the result faster than others exercise.

Pelvic floor exercise with or without a ball help the women tighten their pelvic floor and help to solve some common disease of woman such as pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, bladder control and give you the stronger feeling on vaginal muscles.

Getting started: How To Use kegel exerciser

By using our step by step instructions you can easily use the kegel weight. But before that you should consult with a doctor or a pelvic floor therapist. It is our recommendation which helps you to get the better service. Keep eyes on the following steps to use kegel weight.

  • At first you need to select a kegel weight which suit your body best. You should consider the current level of your body strength.
  • Use it for 15 minutes each time, preferably during some body movement, for instance during doing house chores, showering and getting ready in the morning.
  • After finishing one level you have to move the next heavier level.

Knowing where to start

The first step for using kegel exercise is to get a trainer for this exercise. First and foremost step is to wash the balls with lubricant or soap clearly. Star with the Ivory colour ball or with the lightest one of your set.

Then position yourself in a way there one leg is raised and set on a chair. Then gently insert the ball into the bulb of your vagina. The cord must be outside of your vagina.

To support it you should tighten your pelvic muscles and away from your fingers as it drawn to your vagina. Hold the process for 15 minutes as you success you should relax now. Then simply remove the balls from your vagina. You should do this process several time in a day to get better result.

After doing it 2-3 days it would be easier to you to inject and remove the ball in your vagina. Then you should try with the larger one.

Frequently asked question when using pelvic floor exercise

What if the Ivory is too heavy?

Don’t be panicked about that if it occurred than you should inject the ball in a sitting position instead of standing position. If you think it is still uncomfortable than you should try it in lying position. To overcome this problem you are suggested to read all our step on how to use kegel weight exercise. By doing this according to our steps you will feel it comfortable after two or one weeks.

Common mistake while doing kegel exercise

The first mistake most of the women do when they try to flex abdominal muscles instead of pelvic floor muscles. Another mistake women do is to start with the heavier ball instead of a lighter one.

What if I’m happy with my pelvic strength?

Congratulations, if it occurred then you should feel that it have worked to your pelvic floor muscles. Then you need to cut back your exercise 2-3 times a day.

Conclusion: If any women want to have a quality sex and want to have streng then pelvic floor muscles, the kegel weight exercise can be a right choice for him. It will make her pelvic floor muscles as like before it was. But one thing a women should remember that the process or step how to use this exercise and must no forget about a trainer.

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