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6 Reasons Why Clean Water is Vital for Everyday Life

Our lives and our overall health would be a lot different if we were deprived of clean water to drink and wash our bodies with. We often take these facilities for granted, but somewhere around 2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water. According to a research report by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, water is the most important element needed for the sustainability of the ecosystem. It is the basic need of a living being to stay mentally and physically healthy and fit. Here are a few reasons that highlight why access to clean water is essential for our daily lives:

Health & Survival

Clean water is essential for the basic health and survival of a living being. People living in areas deprived of clean water do not have an option other than using contaminated water for drinking and many other basic needs. Access to unsafe drinking water can give rise to a lot of water-borne diseases, such as dysentery, hepatitis, cholera, etc. The availability of clean water can also help the community by reducing the strain on the bodies of women and children who spend hours carrying water from far-flung areas.

However, in certain cases, there is some compensation for the harm caused by unsafe drinking water; for example, the individuals suffering diseases and injuries at Marine Base Camp Lejeune receive Camp Lejeune water contamination settlement amounts as compensation for their treatment or their families. However, the health hazards of contaminated water still need serious attention from the authorities.

Socioeconomic Development

Clean water is important for eradicating poverty since they are both inversely proportional to each other. Lack of access to clean water impacts the health of an average human being, thus impacting his efficiency to work and contribute towards the national economy.

The effects are widespread, which is why they often go unnoticed. Many women and children spend somewhere around 6 hours a day trying to collect clean water. Women could use this precious time to work and generate livelihood for themselves and their families, and the children could use this opportunity to get an education. However, the whole community must suffer because of this deprivation from the necessity of life.

Mental & Physical Well-being

Clean water plays an important role in promoting the physical and mental health of the individuals in a society. 75% of our brains are composed of water, so staying hydrated helps your mind function well and increases its problem-solving ability by regulating the blood flow in your brain.

Lower hydration levels negatively impact your mood and your overall mental well-being, which can take a toll on your daily routine and activities. It causes a person to become more anxious, vulnerable to stress, and much more easily irritable. The human body is composed of at least 60% water, thus indicating the importance of the availability of clean water for the regular functioning of our body. Washing your body with unclean water can result in skin irritation and long-term skin and body problems, thus making clean water a necessity for every human.

Production of Energy & Food

Clean water is needed to produce food as well as energy. When a region does not get access to clean water, it uses contaminated water in food production, putting the lives of millions of people consuming that food at stake.

Untreated wastewater is used for irrigation in the absence of clean water, which can give rise to a lot of water-borne diseases. Wastewater is polluted with many disease-causing pathogens and bacteria, which can lead to harmful conditions such as diarrhea and typhoid.


Clean water is essential for manufacturing processes as well. Many small businesses need a regular supply of clean water to run their operations smoothly. This sector needs a lot of priority as it not only boosts our economy but also serves as a source of employment for our population. If left unchecked, the microorganisms present in the water would end up contaminating not only the manufacturing process but also the end product, posing a risk to the consumers.

The supply of clean water is present in a limited amount, so we also need to make sure that the water is not overused and wasted. Such an action could cause our production to slow down, thus hurting the country’s economy. The availability of clean water can also boost the reliability and motivation of your employees in your organization as it will keep them safe, thus boosting your productivity.

Recreational Activities

A lot of people prefer spending their time on outdoor activities, such as swimming, boating, fishing, etc., but unclean water can make these practices unsafe for them. Unsafe water not only causes skin irritation in such cases but can also serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

A lot of things can pollute the water bodies, such as plant releases, stormwater overflows, etc. However, when the same water bodies are used in swimming pools and for other recreational spots, it can have huge health hazards, putting the entire population at risk. It is important to use safe water at these spots and inform the masses as soon as there are any signs of pollution or contamination to ensure safety. Organizations that conduct these activities need to follow specific protocols and go through regulatory approvals to ensure the safety of all the people. They can also opt for cost-effective investments, such as forecast systems that can increase the safety of water by detecting pollution threats earlier than usual.


The supply of clean water is not only imperative for us humans to survive but also for our economy to thrive and the ecosystem to sustain. It benefits communities in a lot of direct and indirect ways, which underscores its need, especially in this generation of advancing technology. Clean water has equal importance in almost every aspect of our lives, so we need to conserve this valuable resource and manage it effectively.

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