How to Maintain and Prolong the Results of Your Lash Lift

A lash lift is a great way to add volume to your natural eyelashes. However, it can also cause damage if you don’t follow proper aftercare instructions.

For example, avoiding getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after treatment is important. This helps the lifting solution to set and bond with the lashes.

Don’t Wash Your Lashes

Keeping lashes away from water, products and steam for 24 hours following a lash lift is best. Water and oily products can break down the disulfide bonds of your lashes, coating them in tricky-to-remove residue that shortens their lifespan.

After that period, brushing your lashes and nourishing them with whatever oil-free product your tech recommends is a good idea.

Don’t Apply Makeup

Many women are unaware that applying makeup, especially eye makeup, can ruin their lash lift. In a bid to provide one hundred percent coverage, they may accidentally run their hands or brushes across those delicately applied lashes.

It’s also important to note that lash lifts do not weaken the lashes. However, it is best to follow aftercare instructions provided by the aesthetician in the lash lift near me and avoid getting your lashes wet, using oil-based products near them, or sleeping on them.

Don’t Curl Your Lashes

You’ll want to avoid using any lash curler, especially waterproof ones. They can damage the little pads in your eyelids, which is bad news for a good lash lift.

Plus, the pressure from the curler will cause your lashes to indent more than they do naturally, ruining the beautiful curvature of your lash lift. Instead, please give them a quick brush each day!

Don’t Sleep on Your Lashes

For the first 24 hours after your lash lift, it is best to sleep on your back to prevent rubbing or pulling at your eyelashes. Using a silk pillowcase is also helpful to allow your lashes to glide easily over the pillow’s surface and avoid damage.

Fortunately, after the initial 24-hour period, you can shower, get your lashes wet and even brush them with a spoolie. Just be sure to maintain proper aftercare to achieve the best results.

Don’t Exfoliate Your Lashes

The best way to make your lash lift last as long as possible is to avoid getting them wet. This means not only splashing water or using products near your eyes but also avoiding steamy environments and other less obvious sources of moisture.

Be sure to visit a certified technician with the proper qualifications for the treatment and always follow their advice on maintenance. This will help you maintain gorgeous results for 4-6 weeks!

Don’t Massage Your Lashes

It is best to avoid massaging your lashes, using oil-based products near the eyes, or exposing them to steam. This can weaken the disulfide bonds that have been set via chemical change.

Keep your lashes as healthy and strong as possible by avoiding moisture sources like water, steamy showers, saunas, and spin classes. This can help extend the lifespan of your lash lift and tint results.

Don’t Exfoliate Your Face

A facial or face beauty treatment can react with the bonding solution and cause the lashes to lose their lift. So, avoiding such intensive skincare products for a few days after the treatment is best.

A lash lift uses a silicone rod and perm solution to create a natural-looking curl. It is a low-maintenance treatment that lasts up to 8 weeks.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

A gentle massage can stimulate blood flow to the eye area and promote growth over time. However, it is important not to rub the eyes as this can cause the lashes to lose shape and become unkempt.

It is also a good idea to avoid sleeping face down or wearing an eye pillow or mask, as these can cause the lashes to change shape and loosen.

Don’t Touch Your Eyelids

For the first 48 hours after your lash lift, avoiding getting your lashes wet, applying makeup and especially rubbing your eyes is best. This can lead to irritation and other negative reactions.

Brown and Tran agree that lash lifts are safe for most people, but it’s best to find a certified esthetician with experience. This will help you get the most out of your results.

Don’t Peel off Your Eyelids

Your lash lift appointment will start with a consultation to determine your desired results. Once you’re both on the same page, the technician will apply silicone pads with a gentle adhesive solution above your eyelids.

Protect your new lashes from moisture and avoid getting them wet or applying products for the first two days after your procedure. That includes steam baths, hot water and touching your eyes.

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